The Friends of BCRFC

The Friends of BCRFC feel there is a need and opportunity for greater engagement between BCRFC, its alumni and friends, and the community beyond the campus on the Heights. At present, the Club is enjoying phenomenal competitive and organizational success.  We hope that by creating an organization to support BCRFC, we can encourage the civic/moral responsibility and athletic achievement that have become hallmarks of BCRFC

  1. We intend to provide the BCRFC with organizational support by consulting each semester with the officers regarding their budget, organizational plans, and community service efforts
  2. We also hope to energize and engage BCRFC’s alumni and friends by creating a stable link with the Club
  3. Each of our lives has been enriched by our association with BCRFC and we are committed to carrying on its legacy. We hope that you will help us to shape the Club’s future by sharing your time, resources and experience

Outdoor Games

We meet every Friday for soccer, Thursdays for tennis, and Mondays for rugby, all at 11am. After every game, we go to Kokoriko Restaurants, a restaurant that is surrounded by terrariums. It's across the street from the school.